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I have a friend who has been really sick for the last 15 months with chronic nausea and headaches and she says she can "feel her kidneys" and it's not a sharp pain, she can just feel them. She wants to eat, she has energy, but the nausea keeps her in bed a lot of the time and she has lost so much weight it's starting to affect her internal organs and her teeth. She keeps trying to eat and some days are better than others. She does have gluten intolerance and eats accordingly when she can eat. She loves everything about her life, but the constant feeling sick has gotten her down. She's had every test the hospital can think of and they are baffled. She's been checked for parasites, tumors, had an MRI, swallowed toxic stuff so they could see inside her, the tests have been endless. She's tested her house for mold, lead, carbon monoxide, etc. She's also been going to see an acupuncturist who helps a lot with the nausea, but she's frustrated, understandably so and wants to feel better. Everyone is completely stumped and suggesting she go to the Mayo Clinic.

Any ideas?
Thanks so much




Tell her to get a particle count test in the air and a particle analysis test.  I have the same problem and it was my house.  Gypsum was the issue which is composed of Calcium sufate and calcium Hydroxide.  I had many symptoms dizziness muscle weakness nausea.  She needs to get a Arterial Blood Gas and a Venous Blood Gas the Arterial blood gas might be normal but the Venous might not this measure the oxygen in you blood.  If venous blood gas is way abnomal that means your brain organs and flesh is not getting enough oxygen.  she needs to leave that house now.  Let me know if you have any more questions.  _[removed]_">_[removed]_.