Hi, I have a little problem with my best friend. She just told me today that she's scared she might be pregnant. See, she told me that she went to a party a while back and got so drunk that she didnt remember anything (which by the way, I don't approve of but she's going to do what she wants) Apparently this guy who's been trying to get with her stayed with her the whole night but was overheard telling someone he did stuff with her...well my friend just found out that fact and now she's freaking out b/c she's 4 days late on her period and she's never late. She mentioned that shes been cramping on and off but its not like when she's about to get her period and that she had a sharp pain in the side of her abdomen accompanied by nausea and frequent urination. I told her stress can also delay periods but she says she hasnt been stressed. She asked the guy if anything happened between them and he said no (which he probably wouldnt admit to it) and i guess she saw him but now hes avoiding her. She took 2 pregnancy tests...one the day before her period was due and it came back negative which is understandable because it was probably too soon so tonight (the 4th day of her missed period) she took another at my house which came back negative. I honestly dont know what to tell her...she's too stubborn to go get blood work done. As a phlebotomist I know that blood work is the most accurate test but she wont listen so I need some advice...I feel that there is still a possibility that she may be pregnant but what do you guys think?
Thanks for your time and hope to hear back soon