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So Im having a clear discharge from my penis. Its only after I pee. Sometimes!! But not all the time. Anyway I got tested for chlamydia and syphilis and gonorrhea but all was negative. I was even treated for those and still no luck. I dont know what to do. I wanna know if its contagious to my partner or if this will cause me infertility. Help me please. Anyone.


Hi, penile discharge and std don't need to be connected. I think that in your case, the risk for STD is non-existent.  That that you are having there,  a certain amount of penile discharge can be totally normal for men. So, in that case, STD tests are not necessary, but maybe you should get your white blood cells checked, just to be sure are you dealing with some infection or not. If you are dealing with infection, which is really possible, you can heal it easily with antibiotics. But yes, you should do something fast about it because if you let it untreated, it can cause an infertility.