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Sometimes during the month I get a dull achey feeling in my lower abdomen. I didn't notice any weird vaginal discharge in my underwear, but I put in a tampon one day and I when I took it out I noticed there was a slight bit of yellowish greenish vagina discharge. I mean really slight! I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't put in the tampon. There is no odor, no itching, and no swelling of my vagina. I've already been tested for both Gonorrhea and Chlamydia and they came out negative. I'm on birth control, could this be the cause of it? or is there some STD I'm not aware of? help please!! I am so stressed about this!


i have been having the same problem myself!
im 22 and have never had a smear test. i have a 16month old daughter and this problem started shortly after her birth.
i hav only had 2 sexual partners and dont think an std is the cause.

However the two main causes that keep coming up are Bacterial Vaginosis (which a infection not caused by an std)
and Trich (for short. which is an actual std)

Since i have been living with this problem for so long, and it has not ceased, i made the dreaded appointment for my smear test,
which i think at this stage is what i should have done a long time ago, and the same with yourself.

Anything with an abnormal discharge, if left untreated by your doctor/obgyn, will only progress and get worse. so off to the doctors with you!!! good luck. :-)