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For the past week I have had clear, sticky/stretchy discharge. I have noticed also noticed that I have a strong fishy odor. My periods are not regular yet, my last one was in April. I have never had sex either. Any ideas of why this is happening?


 This could either  be due to an abnormal pH balance in your body or a yeast infection. If you start to itch down there I would recommend you go to a doctor or tell a parent that you feel comfortable talking to! DON"T STRESS! It can be cured easily by over the counter medication. If you don't start itching, then it is probably your period on its way! Go out and get some womanly supplies! Haha everything is okay and sounds normal. As for the smell, go and take a nice hot shower andwash down there and see if you smell a difference.  Good luck!!(:Oh and yeast infections aren't bad, people get them all the time and they're not permanent so don't be ashamed!