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For the past few days I've been having weird bowel movements. I have managed to pass small amounts of hard / soft stool, I don't think any of them was watery or thin. Right now I can't tell if it's a blockage or just simply constipation. I've recently tried to increase my fibre and water intake and I think that has helped me pass those small amount of stool.

The main problem is that whenever I stand up or am not on the toilet I can feel like I need to go but whenever I try to go, nothing. I can feel the blockage there. It's like there's a massive piece there that just won't come out. I've tried but it's just resulted in a bit of farting but I mean releasing gas is always good! 

I just wanted to know if there's any natural ways I can break down this really big stool that just won't come out, I don't wanna have to tell my parents about it I'm really embarrassed or use medication. I also don't have prunes with me and yeah. The weird thing is I always feel bloated around 7 - 10pm, whenever I'm at school I barely notice it.

I also suffer from anxiety and I'm having panic attacks thinking this could be serious. Right now I'm having really bad anxiety symptoms. Well today I ate an orange, apple, a bunch of nuts and drank a glass of apple juice. I just really want it to pass! I don't really have any stabbing pains, just sometimes strange feelings around my digestive system and sometimes I think it's pressure but it's nothing that stops me doing daily activities.

I'm only 15 by the way. 


I just tried to go and apart from a lot of farting as if something was just going to fall out, I managed to pass a thin stool which has got me extremely worried now. When I think about the problem I can feel it but when I don't like going to school, I forget it's there so I can tell if it's serious or not. How long should I leave it before I go to the hospital? It's almost a week now


Hello iamadinorawr1

I am not a doctor, but your bowel has impacted stool and now that it is hardened - you cannot pass it out. In India usually in such cases an anema is given - water based stool softners and cleansers - once this is injected directly in the intestine thru the anus - a patient will defecate within minutes - and this removes hard stools. However this procedure MUST be done at a local hospital because sometimes a patient may need support and medical aid.


Go visit a local doctor and explain your condition. Meanwhile do continue to improve on your diet and sedentary life style. Bowel evacuation is essential for good health