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Please read this and respond I really need Some help here
This is long but very detailed and explains my entire situation,
Goodgod I hope someone can help me out there here's what's been happening
19 year old male

I've been having almost nonstop nausea and bloated feelings in my stomach foryears although sometimes I feel normal and fine
I suddenly started to have a sudden intense stabbing pain that would pulse in the area around were i imagine my prostate is
My biggest issue is my stools I've hhad blood on my tp bright red and just spots but several times over the course of all that's been happening with intervals between these episodes of months and months
I've also noticed black specks in the stool and different times and even had it look very squeezed (each time is very soft when it looks thin and sort of square flat, can this happen?) and somewhat flat and hard to pass with very little stool
However sometimes my stool is normal thickness not hard to pass and looks totallynormal, however the last really totally healthy looking stool would have to be about 2 months ago with nothing but abnormal passes since but before the normal stool also..
The blood dos usually follow straining but god it's scary everytime
For awhile I was sure it was a hemmroid but with my stomach problems I can't help but think it's colon cancer even though I don't feel the pain that I've heArd it is assosiated with.
Now once I started to fear for cancer I investigate myself and felt a fleshylump inside the rectum approx. 1inch in width and rather long going up my rectum following the tract of mypenis
Honestly I don't know what a normal rectum feelslike and even thought that it might be my prostate; but this lump is only 1/2 " inside the rectum and the rectum itself feels almost collapsed with alot of "fleshy baggage" so in an attempt to feel what the rectum is I allowed air to fill the rectum and felt what I assume is a normal very smooth bag like insides with no lumps anymore but maybe a scar or something were I felt the lump previously but the blood still comes and the stools sometimes have black stuff I'm not sure if it's just what I've eaten but since I've began to be so obsessed with y stool but notice it several times, although I have passed speckless stools
Also I've noticed a small pimple on my anus I thought could be a polyp but might be another or the hemmroid
The thing is my mind goes cra y off stuff like this and my stomach issues could possibly just be from.
So what I want to know is what would cancerous pain feel like, could I have cancer and not feel the lump in a inflated rectum and since this had been an ongoing event for over 3 years with little change in how my stomach feels but some change in my stool passage could this be cancer without something viscous happening?
I just don't know and I'm scared horribly please, tell me what you think I will reply this is extremely important to me, if you didn't already tell..
I just don't know enough mdical things to fully understand my situation but

Whew, so my questions ar


i don't know if it's colon cancer or not but before my papaw died he um had colon cancer and there wasn't just spots of blood there was tons of it.. the thing is that i don't know what a normal rectum feels like but i tried anal sex one night with my finance when we was both drunk and i can tell you that i've had stools like that everynow and then since we tried that.. so maybe you just ripped your rectum lining or sumthing and that is the scar that you are feeling and maybe when you strain that's why it bleeds.. just go to a doctor and find out to be sure because if they catch it now then there a good chance that they can get rid of it..


Thanks for the reply
I'm sorry to hear about your loss
This helped a Lot