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I'm a 16 year old male and I've been having this problem ever since I moved from Dubai to Kerala for my grade 9. (ie; 3 years ago.)
My bowel movements slowly started messing up. At first, I thought it must be okay and that it might get better soon.
And I was to a degree, correct. For grade 9, I had barely any problems.

But it was in grade 10, that things started to get worse. I got diarrhea and as a result couldn't go to school. I thought this must have been an isolated incident but then, this problem of diarrhea and then later on constipation started recurring making me miss classes often. Grade 10 was not a time for such problems as I had my Public Exams in an another school. Luckily, I made it through the final parts of my year without incident. (only this final part for the CBSE Board exam.)

I went back to Dubai for my vacations and noticed an immediate change in my bowel routine. It was back to normal and I had no discomforts. (no gassy feeling, diarrhea, constipation etc)

I returned back to Kerala for my grade 11 but it was disastrous. My bowel routine started messing up again, and all the above symptoms started recurring. I had to take frequent leaves. I had to lie often in school as to why I did not come.
But me missing classes (later on tuition classes) started to affect my studies (I had top marks for both Maths and Bio but I suffered in the rest) I tried my best to attend class whenever I could and to cope up. And then one day, I started noticing blood in my stool. Although it was small quantities of blood, it was quite alarming.

I suggested my family that I go see a doctor. They took me to general practitioners much to my dismay. On seeing 2 different general practitioners, both had this stupid smile on their faces and recommended some medicine which did not cause any improvement. They did not find this serious and recommended I give a stool sample. In the first test, I was tested positive for occult blood. I was recommended to try another batch of medicine and then to give another stool sample. In the second test, I was tested negative. They dismissed me without much further thought.

Despite all this, the problems started recurring with unrelenting frequency. In my 2nd month of school, I had to take a full 21 days leave because of this. During this time, I had barely any support from my family. They said I was too stressed even when I was not. My frustrations started to grow as they said I'm just making this up. I was extremely angered and sad on hearing this.

I returned back to school, (my older brothers fired my class teacher for her irresponsibility as she called home to inquire after 21 days had passed) and both my Maths and Bio teachers were quite shocked to see me and both said I looked fatigued and lost weight. I attended class just for that one day. I was unable to go for the next. In fact, it wasn't possible for me to attend school at all.

I've lost my one whole year of school because of this...

In the past week, I started drinking tomato with lemon juice and noticed my stool became consistent (it was no longer black or paper thin) and that diarrhea and constipation was absent. I started recovering my bowel routine, waking up at 6 in the morning to empty my stomach without any discomfort.

But 3 days ago, I started noticing a LOT of blood in my stool and also in the toilet water itself. There is still no pain but the blood is recurrent. At first I thought it might have been the tomato, but that was not the case.

Can someone please tell me what I should do? I exercise every day for 1.5 hours, and do not eat fast/junk food at all. My family does not understand the intense (emotional) pain or embarrassment that I have to face... I really have no clue as to what I should do...
I apologize for the huge post.

Any help would be appreciated.


I got sick with Crohn's disease when I was 12 and it took two years to diagnose. I had diarrhea, constipation, canker sores in my mouth, swollen joints occasionally, and I'd get really, really cold and wouldn't be able to warm up. Because of the strange symptoms it was very hard to diagnose, but the symptoms can be very different with everyone... it's an autoimmune disease with many faces.

It was finally found when I lost enough blood that I was desperately anemic (extreme fatigue, pallor, etc). They can do the following to confirm Crohn's:

1) barium enema
2) colonoscopy

I'd recommend getting those tests done. Good luck - I hope you feel better.



I haven't improved at all... It's now February and I still have problems. Admission for Grade 11 is gonna start in June.
I CANNOT MISS ANOTHER YEAR AGAIN. It's too much. I had a lot of problems, I cannot continue like this again.

Good doctors here are too far and few.

I read about Crohn's disease and found that it is incurable. I cannot go on like that. I honestly don't know what's wrong with me, but if I have something incurable, I'll never have a peaceful day in my life ever again. I have lot of things at stake here. My family won't accept my health conditions and I cannot face this embarrassment again...

Day after day, I feel progressively worse. Sometimes, I can go for around 2- 3 weeks without problems but then it resurfaces with a vengeance. I've had a normal life until these problems started showing up... Now, my life is a mess. I try to justify my losing of a year saying it was due to problems that came to me, not caused by me... But now I feel torn apart. I feel weak, and shamed. I feel crippled.

And now the worst thing that is now happening is that I'm actually contemplating suicide. I'm against suicide and I feel it is against my faith as a Christian but somehow, I keep returning to suicidal thoughts. I have a lot of great friends, I used to do well in my studies and co-curricular activities till my problems started. I hate living like this.

Please help...