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Hello everyone. I'd like to share my story with you. I started a new diet on April 22nd at 221lbs. I have lost about 17lbs since then. Anyways, before my weight loss I had very regular bowel movements. However, after weight loss, I often happens that I don't see my... erm... stool for a days. I have really bad constipation and sometimes (rare) very painful number 2s. I tried laxatives, but they don't help as they're advertised. I passed just a tiny amount after taking them. Has anyone else here experienced this problem? I hope you can tell me this is normal. I'm really concerned, because I haven't had regular BMs for 3 weeks. Should I visit my doctor? Thanks


Hi. Yes, constipation can be an unpleasant side-effect of weight loss, mostly caused by dietary change.It is often related to a loss of fluids, reduced intake or poor diet. Fortunately, in most cases, lifestyle changes can fix this. Weight loss diets that promote rapid weight loss over a short period of time, particularly diets that restrict carbohydrates, can cause constipation. Also, if you're taking certain medications, such as iron supplements, or even laxatives to maximize weight loss results, they may also cause constipation.Eat lot of fruits, vegetables and grains to avoid constipaton. Also, try to drink eight glasses of water because good hydration helps good bowel health. Eat regular meals, don't skip them or overeat. Consider exercising as well. You don't have to become gym freak, taking a walk would be enough. For example take the stairs instead of the elevator, or go for a walk whenever you can. Hope this helps.