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I am at my wits end I have recently just had a fourth floroscopy to inject more epidural anaesthesia into my joints. Upto date I have have a full spine block both SI joints and coccyx bone aswell as lumbar facets done. None have worked!! I can't sit without being in agonising pain my lower back hurts so much. I can't take anymore meds because they don't do anything. The pains now travels to my legs and is making my life hell. I've lost my mobility and I've been off work that depression is now starting to effect me! Is there anything else that can be done?? The MRI scan didn't show anything but there is something seriously wrong.


I had the same problems. I finally went to all new doctors, was ordered another MRI and a hip X- Ray. There are hernieatated discs, bulgeing discs, sco!iosis,severe degeneration and a small benign mass plus arthritis. My hip the arthritis is so bad I need a replacement. My first set of dotors kept telling my I just have arthritis and passing me off from one doctor to another for expencessive tests. After loosing my job and recieving Medicaid the doctors I went to were shocked at how bad I was for so long. Good luck