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I have multiple hernations in my spine. Dont know what causes them. Some help. 3 in my neck, 5 in my thorasic, and 3 in lumbar....anyone out there can help me............


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You should search for a medical help with the spinal herniation, the accurate diagnosis and the early treatment is very important thing there. It could come and go without the operation, and the people who scip the surgery are back to their usual daily routine after a several weeks.
What is the problem is that the discs that your spine is consisted of, are being left without the water by the time, as you are getting older. It is no longer as effective cushion as before. When discs are herniated, they could press on the nerves which causes pains.
The doctors usually try to heal the herniation with non-surgical treatment and if the patient doesn’t respond to it, the surgery should be done eventually. There are some anti inflammatory medications that you could be prescribed to relieve the swelling, analgesic drugs to control the pain, physical therapy, exercise or epidural steroid injection therapy. If you are told to take rest in bed, you should make it not too long as you could start feeling the stiff joints or weak muscles.


Dear herniated,

The answer is that you do not have any herniated discs. Surgery for them rarely works. I suppose about 3 to 5% of people who have shoulder/neck pain and lumbosacral/buttock pain have them. The others have autoimmune-medicated, inflammatory, vasculitic neuropathy. The same disease causes rheumatoid arthritis so the spine usually is somewhat arthritic and the radiologists and the other see that and just "say" the person has herniated discs, becasue that is the "dogma" since the 1880's, or so.

You will have some of these other signs too: red palms; red bottom of feet, moles, angiomas (red, round small lesions on the trunk and proximal limbs, perhaps rosacea or redness of the face with blood vessels visible on the cheeks, nose, and chin; if you are a lady you might use light poweder or make-up; you might have heartburn sometimes; you might have periods when you have loose stools sometimes; you may have palpatations of the heart occassionally; and some other stuff).

This disease, a systemic autoimmune disease, is one I "discovered" as I worked for thirty years being a physician. I had so many patients through the years fail spinal surgery that I just gave up. I had one lady who had four cervical surgeries and three lumbar surgeries and was no better.

I worked for three years 12 to 14 hours a day to determine the cause.

You probably have brachial plexitis and sacral plexitis. I do not know how anyone decided you had thoracic herniated discs, because they are rarely diagnosed. With the former, you will have decreased sensation on the front of your chest down to just below the arm pit line. Same on the back down to the arm-pit line just above the lower pole of the shoulder blades.

It is caused by the autoimmunological response to tonsillitis, scarlet fever, rheumatic fever, ear infections, bronchitis, etc. that you have had through your life. If you are young, well that means you had severe infections when you were younger: fever, cough, phlegm, prostration, body pains, light hurts the eyes, headaches, sometimes people sleep through a few days they are so sick and they think they had a "severe flu", well it was mild rheumatic fever.

Do you have a heart murmer? Did you have growing pains when you were young, like six when you tried to sleep? Well, all secondary to the systemic disease of rheumatism: Yup, a disease modern medicine has "thrown away"!

I am writing a book on it now and it will be finished in a few months.

Yours, Lance