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Hello all, I have severe arthritis and this is destroying bone. Because of this, I'm going to have to have the joints in my fingers taken out. I have a lack of hypo awareness and have to do BG checks close to twenty times a day. Shortly I will have no joints in my fingers. With finger joint fusion, how will I test my Bgs and how will I inject my insulin? I've already asked my doctor and he doesn't really know and I have no one who can help me with this as I live along and have no family. Can someone help me please? How will I do this much less cook, clean and get dressed. My doctors tell me that I can't schedule my surgery until I find a way to test my BG and be able to inject insulin. Can anyone advise? Thanks.



Hi, You need to get in contact with occupational health for help and equipment. Initially, you need to start using your mouth and teeth to hold things like the way artists who paint who have no hands or arms. You'll learn how to place other objects against your body to hold your meter, lancet and test strips. With a little practice you'd be surprised how well that works. You'll need to practice before your operation so that you have some level of proficiency and are ready to go. You can use your teeth to help draw blood from your fingers and try using velcro on your hands and things that you want to pick up. Velcro really secures well. Make use of drawers in your kitchen to secure an item that you need. Open the draw and then close it on the object. Get a vice and put it in your kitchen and use it to hold things. Vices don't require joints to operate them all you need to do is clamp one to the counter top. Talk with your doctor about occupational health and have him hook you up with them. They have just about everything you need. I wish you the best of luck on your operation.