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Background info: I'm 20, at uni, in good shape. Live in the UK and have health insurance through Aviva, who are really good. Rang them up a couple of weeks ago telling them that I wanted a tonsillectomy, after my useless GP couldn't be bothered to refer me. They pointed me to an ENT on Harley Street (where many top UK doctors work) called Peter Andrews, who I can't recommend highly enough! Very good bedside manner, lots of experience, VERY highly qualified. Op took about half an hour, went under at about 6pm, was back in my room and awake by quarter to 7pm. 

Day 1

Had my tonsils out yesterday, and I've read so many of the posts on this site about it I thought, like many others, it was only fair if I added my own.

The tonsils came out at 6 yesterday evening. I was up and awake within about 45 minutes, but a bit zonked out with the anaesthesia - when I woke up I wasn't even sure I'd had them out yet! With the aid of some oral morphine, I managed to eat a pretty good meal of Lemon Sole, carrots, mashed potato and peas. There was broccoli too, but I didn't fancy eating it and getting loads of little bits stuck in my throat... And some mango sorbet, which was so nice on the throat.

Had a pretty good night's sleep, I think at the moment I was so doped up on pain meds that it was pretty easy to get to sleep. The nurse came in every 2 hours (inpatient case) with a blood pressure machine, took that, my pulse and my temperature. This was quite good, because when needed she gave me more pain medication, and it allowed me to drink water. I didn't wake up either in pain or dehydrated. They gave me some Tramadol at 6am.

Day 2

(this is just after the tramadol!). Had breakfast, a bit more painful than yesterday unfortunately. Managed a poached egg, a hash brown, a small pancake with syrup and a tiny piece of croissant. I've decided while at all possible to force food into myself, as clearly it's going to be much harder for my body to recover without any nutrients... I was let out of the hospital at 9:30 am, and due to living very close, I was back home, and tucked up in bed by 10. Took some co-codomal and an antibiotic tablet at this point. Had to break the antibiotic in half to swallow it.

I tried to watch a movie, but fell asleep almost as soon as I got into bed. This bring us to lunch. My uvula (the thing at the back of the throat that's usually really small) is extremely swollen, so it's become more painful/harder to eat. But with a lot of water I'm managing to do it anyway. Sort of chewing and then adding water to swallow like a smoothie! I had a chicken breast stuffed with sausage meat, peas (which I'll be having with dinner too, so easy to eat) and roasted carrots, and some boiled new potatoes. The potato was the hardest to eat, and I only managed about one and a half.

Had some more co-codamol and an (diclofenac) anti-inflammatory at 2. It's half three now and I definitely feel that I could use some more, but not really going to be allowed. Have to wait. I'm drinking lots of water, lucozade sport and I'll have a vegetable juice and a protein shake in about half an hour.

Had the protein shake, fell asleep till now (8). It's now been 6 hours since pain meds, and I don't feel too bad, but chucked down a couple of co-codamol for the sake of it. Am a bit dehydrated. Cooking dinner. Nice big plate of Salmon and Asparagus Gratin with even more peas and carrots. Struck me afterwards that it was a dairy dish, hopefully won't cause too many problems. Took a diclofenac as instructed 1/2 hour before I ate, no problems swallowing. Well, nothing solveable. Trying to eat as much as physically possible in case it all goes wrong over the next few days. 


Day 3

I think it's day three anyway - I had the operation Monday afternoon, and it's now Wednesday. But going by hours, it's been less than 48...

Set a few alarms over the course of the night, took water, but forgot painkillers, so consequently when I woke at about 10 I found myself in pain. I just finished a late breakfast - 4 rashers of streaky bacon, a couple of scrambled eggs and half a piece of toast. Was quite painful to get down. I'm going to be hungry again soon though, I know it. Might have a protein shake.

I'm also consuming a delightful combination of 2000mg of Vitamin C, a couple of tablets of cod liver oil, and 2 or 3 multivitamins each day, over intervals. In addition to what has been, so far, a healthy diet. I figure RDA is all well and good for normal times, but not when you've got huge cuts in your throat!

Had a miserable afternoon, pain at about a 5/10 (though I think these scales are completely arbitrary and useless) as I forgot to take my meds for about 7 hours. Pretty dumb really... Still watching my way through the Lord of the Rings films. Bit worried judging by today that tomorrow could be baaaad. I'm usually pretty active, so really annoyed that I'm gonna get quite unfit over the next couple of weeks, but at the moment it means that I'm used to eating so much food, about 5 meals a day, that now even though I'm eating as much as possible, it's just not enough! This has caused some pretty crazy stomach cramps right now, with dinner not ready for at least an hour, so trying to calm it down with a protein shake. Maybe some of this is all the meds in my stomach?