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hi! so i guess this is where i share my tonsillectomy story. reading this site has both been SO helpful yet has also made me a bit scared about the next few days to come (seeing as i am feeling a bit better on day 6, but from what i've read i may be a false illusion)

anyways, so i'm a 22 years old female. i flew home from school last thursday night and was up BRIGHT and early for surgery friday morning. surgery went well, as i was coming out of anaesthesia i decided i how fun it must be to be the nurse that monitors and sits with the patient as they exit that loopy state. i was saying the most absurd, nonsense things.

to be honest, the first 2 days were kind of a blur. i remember the day of surgery not being too bad pain wise, just mostly uncomfortable. felt like i was having a tonsillitis bout, which is ironic cause they were gone. but it felt like there was a balloon inflated in my throat. hard to swallow and drink, but i forced myself to anyways. stuck to mostly applesauce and water this day. couldn't really sleep through the first night cause everytime i'd drift off i'd wake up gasping for air...not sure if this was because of the painkillers or sleeping in an awkward position? day 2 was pretty similar, yet with more pain. still manageable though. stuck to water, applesauce, and babyfood. delish. i started feeling nauseous this day, so i started taking ginger pills and some OTC nausea medicine.

slept like an angel overnight until about 6 am. woke up violently puking. tried the ginger pills and OTC meds again, but these weren't helping. mom dashed to CVS to get me some prescription nausea medicine (the type that dissolves in your mouth), but i immediately started puking upon contact. couldn't hold down even a drop of water, or my pain meds. this was a sunday, so lucky me-->off to the ER!

went to the ER, extremely low BP (80 something over 46). really dehydrated. they put me on an IV and were SO SO good to me. got me hydrated, injected me with anti-nausea medicine, and a lot lot lot of morphine. was feel a lot better, they let me leave once i drank 6 oz apple juice by oral and a jello. that night i went home and stuck to my regular medication routine (oxycodone every 4 hours) and was able to eat a small bowl of oatmeal every 4 hrs.

since then, i have been sleeping like CRAZY. sleep fine through the night (thanking my pain meds for that). but the pain has gotten SIGNIFICANTLY worse. at first it was discomfort, nausea, and pain that was a 6 on the pain scale for the first 2 days. day 3-6 (where i am now) have been nearly intolerable.

the pain is worst in my ears and the back of my neck oddly. i've been icing a lot which helps temporarily (probably because i'm focusing on how cold the ice is). it kind of feels like someone is jabbing a million pins into my inner ears. its extremely sharp and swallowing is so difficult. the back of my head is a dull, achy, throbbing pain.

as for my throat itself, it certainly hurts to swallow, but the pain isn't even comparable to my ears. i have noticed that over the past 2 days (days 4-6) it feels like i have canker sores under the way back of my tongue on both sides or something. it burns/stings SO badly when i try to eat certain things (even a strawberry smoothie-i tried one yesterday and had a mental breakdown in front of my family in tears) and when i drink ice cold water. has anyone else experienced this? god its awful.

my tips:
1) drink, drink, drink. at first i started with ice cold water which felt AWESOME. but now for some reason i CANNOT handle ice cold water and it has to be room temperature, or a little tiny bit colder.
2) chew gum! i really think this has helped with the ear pain, though this seems a bit strange. i read about it, and i do think it has helped me
3) things i have found easy to eat: applesauce, instant oatmeal (add more water than usual and cook a little bit longer so the oats are really mushy), chicken with stars campbells soup (the stars are really small and pretty easy to get down), jello, chocolate mousse made with vanilla almond milk! (because i know its kind of good to stay away from dairy)
4) take your pain meds on a regular schedule. don't worry about feeling like you should wane off after a certain amount of days. i am NOT one to like taking pain meds (refuse to take even advil until i'm on my deathbed), but this surgery is PAINFUL and you NEED them.

kind of scared about what the next few days have in store for me...i'll keep you posted!


I'm also 22 and on day 6 after my tonsilectomy everything you have mentioned is edsactly what I am feeling the sores on the tongue ear ache and the pain is so much worse its really unbearable I've even wrote a post on here saying how reliant I am on my painkillers I'm Hardly sleeping waking up in night but haveing to have naps in day. I tried eating mash potatoeand gravy today and the stinging sensation around my stitches was unbearable so didn't eat. I can believe the similarities between both tonsils I've been told the same advice as you though.