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i'm on day 8.  things that helped in order of  helpfulness

1. taking a half dose of pain meds every 3 hours instead of the full dose every 6. set your alarm when you sleep to wake up and take pills. Waking up is the worst time for pain and having missed a dose of meds will make it worse.

2. chewing gum for jaw, throat and mouth pain.  I dont know why but it works especially when you wake up with severe pain. This really helps so much even when your jaw hurts so much you can barely move it.

3. drinking water constantly even if it hurts

4. ice, ice, ice: ice packs on your neck jaw and face in necessary  I froze several washcloths after soaking them in water then I could mold them around my neck and face and hold in place with a ribbon.  Also suck on ice chips they numb the throat. place water and ice in a blender and make it into a slushy to eat with a spoon.  Sugar hurt my throat so I didnt eat too many ice pops plus sugar breeds yeast and i didn't want to end up with thrush.

5. brushing my teeth after sugary foods rinsing mouth with salt water and gently, very gently gargling with salt water after i eat anything.  (I dont have the dreaded bad breath that so many people seem to mention, yet anyway, and this may have helped.  I cleaned my mouth out after every time i drank or ate something other than water)

6. liquid probiotics twice a day and lots of cultured yogurt (milk products didnt bother me)

7. forcing myself to eat lots of healthy foods fruits and vegetables cooked well and pureed in a blender. Like chicken broth with spinach and then you can poach an egg in it or just cook the egg in it an puree the whole thing. I'm still unable to eat solid foods so I'm having to get creative about what i eat. 

8. hot epsom salt baths (helped to relax)

9. Take miralax or something else regularly so you can go to the bathroom.  Pain meds slow down your whole intestinal track.  without them you can become very nauseous.  Pain meds already make me nauseous and i was very worried about vomiting.

Recovery is not fun. I was overly optimistic.  I definitely had a 2 days where the pain was very bad, but chewing gum icing, and taking my pain meds every 3 hours helped. I'm guessing it will be at least another week before i'm totally pain free. I had planned on going back to work today (i'm a teacher) but wont be back till next week. If I had an office job i could have worked a little today and tomorrow. If i didn't read all the suggestions on here and diligently ice, take pain meds, drink water, and chew gum the pain would have easily become unbearable.  With the exception of a few minutes here and there when i felt like the pain was going to do me in, these things made it tolerable. This is definitely a painful procedure. for reference i had my appendix out last year and only needed took 3 pain pills after the surgery. I'm most likely going to use up all the pain medication my doctor prescribed for me for the tonsillectomy.

now that i'm past the bad days, i can say this will be worth the difficult recovery.  My airway is cleared and i'm already more comfortable without my tonsils and adenoids.  Plus I can finally breath through my nose!


I got my tonsils out when I was 19 and it was a terrible experience!! I was in the hospital for 3 days because the pain was so bad that I couldn't even swallow my own saliva. I have a high pain tolerance and have had many shoulder surgeries and many broken bones. Tonsillectomy was the worst!