Hey guys! I'm not sure if anyone still reads this thread, but I know reading stuff online and other peoples experiences with tonsillectomy recovery really helped me before/during it so I wanted to post my own story. ;-)

Now, I'm going to be completely honest, this is (just like everyone says) not a pleasant recovery. I was very nervous to get the surgery because I had been told it was a painful recovery, but I was not aware of exactly how painful. It was a very unique type of throat pain-something that I would never wish upon anyone. And I hope to never experience after all of this recovering business is over.

Anyway, I'm 19 and had my surgery on Wednesday, March 3. I'll give you a day-by-day of my recovery process:

DAY ONE (day of surgery):
Woke up with a sore but manageable throat. I could talk and was talking a lot in the recovery room, though I was saying some pretty silly things because I did have some morphine in my IV. I threw up about three times, but that was to be expected because my body does not like anesthesia. The throwing up made my throat a little bit more painful, and after that I stopped talking for a few hours. That night I was able to eat popsicles and apple sauce, and was even saying how I thought I would "be in more pain than I was". HAH. Little did I know what was coming to me...

After a very long night sleep thanks to my percocets (taken every 4 hours) I woke up with a pretty sore throat, but nothing extremely painful. By mid afternoon my uvula was completely swollen and prevented me from being able to talk at all. I spent most of Day Two just hanging out in bed, falling in and out of sleep. At around 10pm I started throwing up again. My mom was really concerned, mostly because she didn't want it ripping at my stitches and affecting my recovery. She called my doctor and he said it was most likely from the percocets and switched me over to T3s.

No more throwing up! Finally. Switched to T3s every 4 hours and while I found they did not help the pain as much as the percs, they were fine. By mid afternoon I noticed my throat becoming VERY sore. Swallowing became a struggle so I started spitting into a "spit bucket" I kept beside my bed (gross, I know..but necessary). Tried to drink plenty of water and force down some macaroni. It went down but I felt like it kept getting stuck. I looked at my throat in the mirror that night (ewwwww) and could see some white scabs starting to form.

Pretty much the same as Day Three. I woke up feeling determined and after taking my pain meds went for a walk in the sunshine and watched some movies with my family. I was under the (very false) illusion that I was on my way to feeling 100% and was in a pretty good mood. The pain was still very bad with swallowing, but it was more of a throbbing pain. However, my mouth was still so swollen that I couldn't talk at all. It was way too much work and I sounded like a deaf person.

The day hell on earth began for me. Woke up with sharp pains shooting in my throat and ears, tried swallowing and it brought me to tears. After a lecture from my mom, forced down what felt like gallons of water. Swallowing pills was almost too hard so I had to crush them up and mix them in with food, which I found made them not work as well.
Didn't eat much for the whole day, but tried to eat some chilli that night. BIG mistake. Ended up having an emotional breakdown in front of the family at dinner.. collapsed in tears because I was so frustrated with the pain. Unless you've had the surgery, you can't explain just how bad it really is (sorry if I'm scaring you). And since crying hurt, that made it worse. Even though they made me feel nauseous, my mom caved and gave me a dose of percocets and some gravol so I wouldn't throw up. They worked and the pain somewhat subsided. I went to bed early, just praying for the day to be over.

Got zero sleep the night before. Was woken up every hour to brutal shooting pains from my throat that carried to my ears. It was the most painful thing I had ever felt. I literally remember thinking that I wanted to die. I was still taking my pain meds every 4 hours, but swallowing them became such a task. I tried to distract myself by reading, but nothing would take the shooting pains in my throat and ears away. By this point I had become a miserable, depressed mess. I really felt like my life was ending, as dramatic as that sounds.

The night before was pretty much the same. Woke up every hour to shooting pains, cried a lot, hated everything and everyone. However, after getting out of bed in the morning I noticed the pain subside. It was also frustrating that afer a whole week I STILL couldn't talk-it just hurt WAY too much to even try. But I spent the day watching movies with my Grandma, who was babying me of course haha, and being depressed.
*On a side note- I have mild depression, so this recovery has been hard on me both physically and mentally. Being cooped up and bored took a major toll on me and by this day I was really hating living. I know it sounds terrible, but I was a grumpy and miserable mess. I was snappy with everyone who was telling me about how nice it was outside and how much fun their weeks were going*

Slept through most of the night. Woke up around 4am with shooting pains, but took pain meds and they actually went away pretty quickly. Was able to get up and moving in the morning, and showered and got ready to go out (even though I had no plans) to make myself feel better. By now I was able to eat bread, soup, and pasta. The pain in my throat began to become a throbbing pain instead of shooting pains by that evening.
I notice my tongue feeling sore, and a few canker sores forming inside my mouth. When I swallowed, it felt like the food was pulling at my scabs (blah gross) which was VERY painful.
Still not able to talk:(

DAY NINE (today):
Woke up after a pretty decent night sleep feeling okay. Throat still sore but swallowing was a little easier, so I took advantage and drank LOTS of water today. I also had a tuna sandwich for lunch which probably wasn't the greatest idea, but I got it down. I still notice every so often when I swallow it feels like something is ripping in my throat...but I'm assuming it's the scabs.
My uvula is still swollen but my cheek/inner mouth swelling has gone down. I can somewhat talk but I still sound a little strange and it hurts after a couple sentences anyway.
Was in a much better mood today- got up and going. Am about to go to bed so I really, really hope tomorrow is okay!!!

Hope this helped people!:-)