I come from Czech republic and I am lucky to say,in my country we stay in the hospital 7 days after this surgery,I was sceptic about it,as I knew everywhere else is treated as an out patient op and I wanted to be at home with my little daughter.Little did I know.

I have decided to go for this operation as a last resort of recurrent tonsillitis and problems with tonsil stones and halitosis. I have been diagnosed with chronical tonsillitis and scheduled the op for 8.4.2015

I was admitted the night before and slept soundly untill 6 a.m.,than I was woken up by nurse and given some pre op pill to calm me down. I have had a gall bladder operation when I was younger and gave naturally birth 4 Years ago,so I was not worried at all,I thought I was good with pain and I guess I am in comparism with people from my area. The pill has made no difference to me at all. I was wheeled to a theatre at 9 a.m. and given an intravenous drugs. That is pretty much all I can remember.

The op took about an hour and I was wheeled back to the room two hours later with a ice pack on my neck(1 hour spent at the post op room) and given drip for about two hours,which was followed by another one for 30 min later on.

I was feeling very tired and pretty much slept all day morning and afternoon. Whenever I woke up I felt ok,had a sore throat,but was surprised that it did not hurt much. I drank water as much as I could and sweet tea,which I immediately found out was a bad idea,as it made me salivate so so much. After this I stuck with water only for the rest of the recovery. Room temperature only.

Ice is the new word for me

I was given some dinner,but refused

I slept quite well at night,only woke up twice or three times to drink and go to the toilet.

Day 2: In the morning I was given two sweet scones and some hot chocolate and managed to eat them both,although it took me about an hour and I was drooling like a teething baby afterwards. I was very happy. I had very sore throat,as if you have tonsilitis,but nothing you can not deal with. I slept on and off tried to rest as much as possible and than in the evening got some intravenous pain medication Veral which knocked me out for few hours. That day I did not eat any breakfast,just drank water and tea (no sugar) and for lunch I was given nice veggie broth and I found my hero :D It was like a calming solution for my throat. SO pleasant. (I stuck with liquid soups only  till the end) also just a room temperature

At night I woke up few times with sore throat,but it was still manageable,I was very pleased with myself and my mood have started lifting. I went to the hospital quite depressed after reading so many bad stories on the internet at first.

Day3: SO far the worst day,my neck has swelled up inside out,especially where my tonsils use to be,throat hurts as if you have an open wound and put salt in it,this kind of unpleasant exhausting pain. No breakfast,but managed again small bowl of  the lovely soup at lunch time.No dinner.

I have asked the nurse for pain medication and got two injections of Novalgin and once some pain relief drops Algifen. I was in a lot of pain all day,although I was drugged up. I still forced myself to drink about 2L of water. Just drink everytime you wake up,think on it or just set an alarm. The first sip always hurts bad,4th one was ussualy ok. Have that in mind.

IF you are in pain and your pain med does not work,don't be afraid to ask for it to be changed. Call your doctor!

Day4: Pretty much the same pain since morning ,very sharp,but no ear ache,tongue swelling went down,except my uvula,which is now about 4 times its size,it is transparent almost and has some purple marks on left side also makes me choke up on it and obstructs my breathing. But that is normal according to the doctors and does not worry me at all. My throat is covered in white/yellow/greyish scabs and I can open my mouth to eat. The swelling of the neck went down

No breakfast thanks to the pain,just forcing myself to drink water. Soup for lunch and some more soup for dinner.  Pain subsided and I am delighted with just a managable sore throat pain thanks to my meds. 3 Novalgin injections

I keep waking up at night every couple of hours. But it is not just due to pain,but also sleeping too much during the day. I am woken by very sore raw pain in my throat around 4 and given more pain meds.

Day5: I am discharged yupiiii :D Although I am in considerable amount of pain I am delighted to be going home early and see my little one. I was given only Algifen drops as painkillers and told to get some Ibalgin from Pharmacy ( I got it and got massive headache,so exchanged it for Veral pills) Everyone at home is delighted and me too,pain is manageable and as it is day 5 post op I am feeling positive and happy,I even write to my friend to delete my previous messages as he is scheduled tonsillectomy,that it's not so bad. I was talking a lot all day although I stayed in bed most of the time. Eat 3 bowls of veggie soup with noodles. Life is good :DDDD