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Hi. So right now it is Thursday night 12/6/2013 and I got my tonsils removed last Wednesday (11/27). I just wanted to share a bit of my story because it's been a crazy experience and although I did extensive research before the surgery, I wish I had someone to tell me point for point exactly how the surgey and recovery would go.

The day of surgery I arrived at 8am and my surgery was scheduled for 10am. I'm so glad I brought both of my parents (I'm 20 years old) to the hospital with me because I literally don't remember much waking up from surgery except that despite the anti-nausea meds I threw up. They then forced me to eat a popsicle so the pain meds didn't cause more nausea on an empty stomach. I don't remember anything else until I left the hospital at 1:30pm and that meant I was home by 2pm. That whole first day I was still loopy from the anethsia and honestly barely felt any pain. It felt like a sore throat to which I thought "big deal, I've had a constant sore throat since I was 11, this is nothing." Still though, all I could eat was jello, chicken broth, and popsicles. 

Day 2 was easy as pie, as was 3. I couldn't eat, but was drinking a ton as I usally do and was up walking around, watching Netflix, baking cookies with my mom, etc. I'm on a mattress in my parents living room until I feel 100% better because I was advised to have somoene to take care of me. I'm so glad I did becasue there are moments I really just need my mom to calm me down and remind me this is temporary. Anyways, days two & three wwere easy. I was only taking tylenol and didnt really need my prescribed pain meds.

Day 4 was when the hell began. I woke up crying because my throat was so dry. I have slept with a 500ft high powered humidifier on full blast, but I had slept for a full 6 hours during the night which means I wasn't drinking. My throat was DRY. I suggest setting an alarm to wake up every hour and a half to two hours to drink some water and moisten your throat because honestly, there's hell to pay if you don't. The rest of day 4 I spent nauseous from my lortab on an empty stomach (I couldn't get anything down except the occasional mug of broth) and dizzy from hunger and dehydration. My urine was so dark I almost went to ER, but I ended up drinking warm water from my keurig which went down a lot easier than room temp or ice water (everyone is different!!). By day four I had alreayd lost 10lbs. My surgeon was on vacation, but the nurse advised me that it wasn't too significant of a weight loss for a procedure like this and that I was fine.

On days 5-8 pain never went below a 7 out of 10 and was at a full 10 of 10 for a majority of the time. I didn't eat anything the entire time (don't get me wrong, I tried but it was so bad that I was literally experiencing episodes of passing out from the pain). Water was all I could get down and even that was a struggle. I layed down most of this time watching Netflix and cuddling with a stuffed elephant because I had no idea what else to do. It was awful. I could also feel the scabs falling off every now and then, they would feel scratchy for awhile and then I would either swallow them (gag!) or spit them out. My breath was awful, almost like something died in my mouth. Last night (night 8) I took an extremely hot shower for 20 minutes which really helped me to relax. The steam from the shower must have helped something because when I got out I was able to eat a popsicle and drink a full bottle of water, though that took over an hour. I slept propped with pillows. 

This morning, day 9, I woke up in a lot of pain but my pain level went down to a 4 within an hour. Today it seemed to come in waves, and the worst part was when I tried to eat pasta and one of the noodles ripped off a scab. I was at a 10 on the pain scale for a good hour afterwards and nothing helped, I really just had to let it go away on it's own, which it eventually did. 

I'm really hoping this gets better soon because I'm losing my mind. If anyone has any advice on when it got better for them that would be much appreciated. I can't wait to start drinking smoothies again. I've lost 18lbs in the nine days because I basically haven't been able to eat or drink much other than water and broth so I'm ready to get a cherry banana smoothie down. Maybe I'll try tomorrow.

Any tips for the remainder of my recovery is welcome, and I'd be glad to answer any questions for those of you who are considering this procedure.

Do I regret it? Yes. Will I feel the same way a month from now when I'm not dealing with chronic tonsillitis, no. I'm probably going to be thanking myself for getting the procedure because all in all I know I needed it. 

Althought my doctor did tell me that less than 2% of patients (it's never happened to him) tonsils grow back within 5 years of the surgery. If that happens to me I will be so angry! But it's very unlikely, so I'm not worried. 



Thanks for sharing your experience! I'm still reluctant to finally get the procedure done, mainly because I'm afraid of the recovery. It's somewhat ironic that I'm afraid recovery will be worst than the latest bout of strep throat I had - I literally  couldn't swallow any food for two days how bad my tonsils were swollen and painful. And all that with sky high fever. I'm sure you get the picture. 

Now that I'm better, I just keep putting of the doctor's appointment and I know what needs to be done.

How are you doing now?



Hi! Original poster here. It took 21 days for me to fully recover but in my post op appointment (35 days after surgery) he reminded me my tonsils were the biggest he'd ever seen & wasn't surprised it took so long. I actually have some nerve damage & taste bud damage so I can't taste anything sweet or sour and anything salty is very muted. This should go away eventually. I don't regret getting it done now that I'm fully healed. I wouldn't want to go through the pain again, but I'm glad I got it done.