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Users comments and reviews on article Hemiplegic Migraine Treatment: Familial Hemiplegic Migraine by Debbie Strange


I've had hemiplegic migraines since I was a child, they are horrible and often misdiagnosed. I disagree with 2 of your points though. Narcotic analgesics are a horrible treatment for migrain. Yes, they will get rid of the pain short term, but they also cause the headaches to get worse in the long term. And there are other considerations, like adiction and damage to the kidneys or other organs. NSAID also are not great to take long term. Preventitive medicine is really the best way.

Another thing I disagree with: changing your diet WILL help. When I started taking a multivitamin everyday and stopped eating any foods with perservatives in them, I had less migraines. I don't eat canned foods or boxed foods. Just frozen vegetables, meat and rice or pasta. Also lots of fruits. Its very hard to avoid perservatives in food, but its worth it. decreasing salt intake will help too. Anything you can do to support the nervous system and keep your blood pressure low is going to lower the chances of having migraines. I still get them once or twice a month, but I used to have them almost constantly, and was stuck in and out of hospitals.