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Users comments and reviews on article Colorectal (Colon) Cancer: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment by Dana Fenton


Please read a Researched done by Prof. A. Pakdaman M.D on "Oral Oxygen Therapy" (O.O.T). Very interesting indeed.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Migraine and 2nd. Colorectal Cancer in June 1999. Gone Thru' Chemotherapy only to find out that my cancer had progresses rapidly. I withdrew from Chemotherapy after 2 months under that dreadful 'treatment' as it has done nothing for me except loads of "misery".

I was introduced to O.O.T in Sept. 1999, using Avani Supercharged Oxygenated Water. After 3 mths. of O.O.T I realized that I didn't even have a single Migraine attack, very unsual as I normally suffered from 4 migraine attacks each month. Best of all I was also informed by my Specialist that my tumor in my colon had SHRUNK significantly. And by April 2001 I was cleared from my cancer totally.

I am so passionate about this product that I've set-up the O.O.T myself here in Melbourne, Australia. So far, I'd already successfully treated many terminally ill patients around Victoria state. One good example is a 78 year old lady, Mrs. Vivian Adams. She was diagnosed with terminal Pancreatic Cancer in Oct. 2008 and was told that she only had months to live. Her liver and kidneys had already started failing.

In Dec. last year her friend bought a box of AVANI Supercharged Oxygenated Water from me and gave it to Mrs. Vivian Adams as a Christmas present. Her medical conditions improved dramatically, even her doctors can't explain. In Mar. 2009, Mrs. Vivian Adams did a blood tests as directed by her doctors in Geelong hospital. Her blood tests results showed that both her liver and her kidneys are functioning PERFECTLY, again her doctors was unable to explain. She's NOT on Chemotherapy since the day she was diagnosed due to her age and that she had diabetes.

Go to my website <> and find about more testimonial from clients who had gone thru' O.O.T.

One last thing...... please read the researched done by Prof. A. Pakdaman before making any Judgement on O.O.T

Dr Otto. Warburg said that:- "Oxygen is toxic to cancer cells, in the presence of adequate levels of oxygen, cancer cells will be less able to survive". He also added that:- "Cancer cells cannot grow in a high-oxygen environment".