2 years ago, I had a fever for about a week, went to the hospital and was told it was a kidney infection, got iv antibiotics and was okay.

I had a slight fever a few days ago, on and off, and frequent urination, a daily headache on my left side by my eye, felt dizzy and nauseous on and off. thought it might be a recurring kidney problem. Bought a pregnancy test and a UTI detection test, both came out negative. My menstrual period was 2 weeks ago, but very light and short.

Now fever has been gone, still a constant dull headache, and now I feel pinching by my pelvic area. I looked up on a female body chart, and the pinching could be either my fallopian tubes or my bladder, its been mildly pinching separately on both sides and the middle at different times. Im also light sensitive, I wear sunglasses to alleviate the glare.

What could it be?