A Month ago...

This was my symptom:

- Fever/sweat

- Lower back pain

- painful urination

- frequent urination

I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with a urinary tract infection. He prescribed me 5 days of Cipro and Azo. After 5 days, Cipro didn't work..or that's what I thought. But the 7th day, my symptoms were gone and I was feeling much better. He also test to see if something is wrong with my kidney and there was nothing wrong with it. My urinalysis states that I had white blood cells in my urine..and some bacteria...so that was ruled out as a UTI.

Now I'm having ...

- Lower back pain

- Pain under the ribs (both side)

- Abdominal pain

- Sometime diarrhea and sometime constipation

- Feet pain

- frequent urination

- tingling sensation/numb in hand and feet


I'm still young and only in my 20's. I am NOT overweight or sexually active. I do exercise to a good amount. What is wrong with me. Should I go back to the doctor. What bothers me the most is the frequent urination. I have to go constantly and it is so inconvenient when I am not home.