Okay, so let me start from the beginning. 

Please keep in mind I am only 14 and having all these problems that I shouldn't be.


About 4 weeks ago, I started to have UTI symptoms ; it was unbearable. I went into my family doctor about 3 days after having symptoms that weren't going away anytime soon. She did a dipstick test and the results came back that I had blood and bacteria in my urine. I had a confirmed UTI infection, so she prescribed me Bactrim. The Bactrim started relieving the problems slowly but they didn't really work until the seventh day of taking them, and even then, the symptoms still were not completely relieved. Since the antibiotic took so long to work, I went back to the doctor, complaining about pain. She sent me to go have a urine culture done.


I had a problem like this last year in April and was out of school for two weeks during state testing. I couldn't concentrate enough to take the tests and I could hardly walk because of pain. No one wanted to be around me because I was a huge crab because of how much pain I was in. My same family doctor from this year sent me to get a CAT scan. The scan showed that I had something called MSK, or Medullary Sponge Kidney Disease. She sent me to a urologist to get it checked out in further detail. When I went to the urologist, he found nothing in my urine, had an ultrasound done of my bladder and kidneys and found nothing. He told me to drink plenty of water. I did and the symptoms happened to go away, until now, a year later.


My family doctor this year also asked if this felt different than last year, or if I had been doing anything different this year. I actually joined the swim team this year and am in the pool for 2 hours each day for practice. One week, my period was really heavy - I mean heavier than normal, it was crazy - and I went to practice all week. She said that could be a problem and so I quit swim team to see if that helped.


I finally got the culture results back Monday, July 15th, and the culture was clear! No infection, no bacteria. Zip. Nada. Nothing. I'm still having to go to the bathroom frequently, my back now kills me, and the pain is unbearable! It's really just irritation, not much burning. It's super annoying! I'm trying to lay off sugary drinks and drink plenty of water. I find that when I'm active and walking around outside, I feel a bit better. My friend and I wrestled the other day and I felt great. The symptoms change from day to day. They're worse in the morning than during the day. I have to ride in a car for 14 hours tomorrow because my family is going on vacation, so I won't be able to go to a urologist for another 2 weeks! I'm also on my period and it's killing me. Please help me!


The 14 Year Old with Big Girl Problems