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In-Vitro fertilization (IVF) has been successful used for over 20 years in women who were facing infertility due to eggs or tubes problems. In this procedure, a donated egg and a sperm is fertilized outside the body and then implanted inside the womb of a woman.

This technique has helped many couples to have children of their own and resulted in the birth of more than 500,000 babies.

However, IVF has it’s bad sides that need to be considered before undergoing the procedure. There has been a death case reported in England. A woman had died because of the toxic shock after IVF treatment.

Reports show that one in seven women who receives IVF treatment could be hospitalized with complication that can be serious and even life threatening. There is a risk of miscarriages, bleeding, ectopic pregnancy and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and is doubled compared to natural pregnancies.

Ever since it has been introduced, In-Vitro fertilization has been raised many legal, ethical, and religious questions.


Hello)) This is a very interesting question, all women who want to agree to IVF procedure should know about this. IVF is a manipulation that involves conception outside the female body. The probability of pregnancy is about 60 percent. Not all couples get a positive result on the first try. The procedure is carried out in different ways. The condition of the patient and her individual characteristics are always taken into account. The procedure for a man is practically irrelevant. But if the quality of his sperm leaves much to be desired, then here also individual manipulations are applied. In vitro fertilization is assigned to couples who are unable to conceive a child naturally. Protocols conducted with IVF can be long and short, with minimal hormonal correction, ultrashort or hyperlength. But most often the first two are used. All the consequences of IVF can be divided into immediate and remote. The first include sudden negative situations or complications arising during the stimulation or immediately after the transfer of cells. The most common circumstance is considered - ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. The long-term consequences of the doctors are hot debates. It is known that the procedure of IVF is quite new, it is shrouded in a lot of myths. It is believed that this manipulation causes an intensive growth of tumor neoplasms. But, you must remember that the organism of every woman is individual. Therefore, it is important to choose a good clinic and doctor for yourself.