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Hi everyone, Looking for some success stories. My partner and myself are young 27 and healthy! We have been TTC for 8 years :( with no luck what-so-ever!!!!! :'( After 1 year of TTC our doctor basically laughed us out of the surgery as we had just turned 20 and he said it can take most couples up to 1 year to get a BFP. This didnt make anything any better for us as we knew something must be wrong as I haddone alot of research into it, we tried for another year then returned to the surgery this time we changed our GP. She was amazing, very understanding and gave us hope by admiting us to our hosp for more tests DP = very poor motility Me = ovarian cyst and fibroids. We decided to not put so much stress on ourselves and work at our now rocky relationship and our careers. After a while the relationship came to an end :( 1 year later we decided to give it another go and this time we would go for ivf icsi. We are currently 1dpt. Yesterday was such an emotional rollercoaster having transfer. After ER we had 14 eggs. 8 fertilised. On transfer day 3dpr just as we were getting ready to go into the transfer room our embryologist came to speak with us and said Im very sorry but i have bad news to tell. They did not get any good embryos due to the very bad sample my Dp had given, and they decided that to increase our chances of pregnancy they would put back 2 embryos of grade 5 which were border line. She didnt seem convinced that we would be successful. We were distraught. Now we are patiently waiting on our little embryos to implant then do our bw in 10days. Has anyone got some success stories they can share?


Dear girls, I want to tell you about my way of IVF. The views on this procedure are extremely ambiguous. If throughout the world this procedure is put on stream and every year thousands of children are born from the test tube. To the issue of motherhood, I approached quite late - at 28 years old. Before that it was somehow not before that - studying, then the second study, work, career. While my friends in the age of 22-24 became mummies - I solved other issues and treated motherhood on the principle - it's still a year and then everything will be, then I'll give birth. The husband was calm about this - we were just married and spent a lot of time working. I will say at once - I have never had any pregnancies and abortions. At first everything was explained by contraception (not medicamentous), then by stresses, then by constant crossings, flights and the change of climatic and time zones. At one point we realized that we had reached a dead end. And the decision was made - we address in clinic of reproductology. Many doctors passed, different institutions - very "pleased" the answers of doctors - try and throw everything out of your head. But as they did not try, as they did not throw out of their heads, nothing happened. I went to a clinic in Seoul - but the treatment there was problematic because of the need to stay in Korea for a month. And because of employment, we could not afford it, and fly there 3-4 times a month - all the same expensive. But having met at one event with one girl - - I went to one of the clinics, whose specialization is IVF. At the same time, IVF issues were solved there from obstruction of the tubes and bad semen, to the absence of the ovary (or both) and surrogate motherhood. That's where we went. According to the frequency of the successful outcome of the case - out of 100 couples who turn in - 60 go pregnant the first time. The very stimulation of the short protocol took 12 days from the moment of prima remedy to the extraction of the oocytes. And most importantly - 8 healthy eggs! Now we are waiting. I'm on sick leave, but I continue to work remotely. Of course, all trips and stay in the office will have to be interrupted - 90% of the girls are on the preservation from the first weeks before the birth (especially with the development of multiple pregnancies). And I believe that everything will come out the first time. And if it does not work, then we'll try again.