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After having my twins I decided to have my tubes tide, but the doctor recommend me to have a tubal ligation. Big mistake I started to have heavy bleeding, bloating, depression. So I went to a specialist and he did a D and C on me. Now I am really depressed because i can't have anymore kids and my husband wants more kids. Please help can I have more kids?



Hi Anonymous,

Very likely it is yes, but...

Since you've had the tubal you'll need either a reversal OR in-vitro fertilization to get pregnant.

The D&C is a common procedure in which they scrape the lining of your uterus.  Unlike an ablation, this lining is NOT removed but there can be some scarring.  The likelihood of a miscarriage is often higher in women that have had a D&C.

Check with your gynecologist OR a fertility specialist.

Good luck.