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Hi! I am new on this forum.I hope I will get some answers. I am very sad these days. Me and my husband are trying to conceive. It's been almost two years with no success. Finally, I decided to go for detail checkup. My doctor is pretty sure that I have ovulation problems. I heard something about it earlier but I didn't give this much of attention. I was always thinking that I am healthy young woman and nothing can get in the way my wish to become a mother. Well, now I found out on hard way that you can't never know what the future will bring to you. Is there anyone else with similar problem? I need someone to comfort me. I really want to become a mother. My doctor is sure that I will accomplish that in future. Do you have some advice what is the best way to get out of this situation?


An ovulation problem occurs when eggs don't mature in the ovaries or when the ovaries fail to release a mature egg. This is sometimes known as premature ovarian failure. Ovulation problems are common in women with infertility. Possible symptoms are absent or infrequent periods, unusually light or heavy menstrual bleeding, or lack of such premenstrual symptoms as bloating or breast tenderness. Possible solutions  are managing body weight if it's too low or too high, taking fertility drugs (with or without artificial insemination), and having in vitro fertilization (IVF). Hope your doctor will run some more tests and find the best option for your case. Please have in mind that this is something you can treat. The right treatment can have a great results.