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Dutch researchers reported yesterday at the meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in France that a popular procedure used to increase birth rates for women undergoing IV fertilization actually reduces by 30%.

The procedure involves removing a single cell from a 3-day-old embryo to look for potential birth defects and is a part of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.

The technique is based on the idea that one cell can be removed for analysis from the eight cells in a 3-day-old embryo and that the remaining seven cells will grow into a healthy infant. If genetic analysis shows an abnormality, the embryo is not implanted. Even though the procedure is aimed for looking at specific genetic defects in cases where one of the parents carried the genes, practitioners have used it for screening older women who were having problems conceiving. They believed that taking out embryos with abnormalities would increase the success rate of implantation.

However, researchers showed that this technique was not helping women get pregnant. They studied over 400 women aged 35 to 41. Half of the women received IV fertilization with pre-implantation diagnosis and half in vitro alone. All of the women went through as many as three fertilization cycles.

The study results showed that 24 % of the women who received the genetic diagnosis had successful births in comparison to 35 % of the women who did not.


Girls, hello! For the first time I decided to ask a question! I read everything and took on the experience of others and I think that this is a great support and help! The story of my friend is still sad, but I believe that she is on the right track and she will definitely become a mom! Her story is banal in the expanses of BABY BLOG.  At 28 she had the first and only spontaneous pregnancy. At 5 weeks of abortion. Previously, she did not plan, did not even think that there could be any problems in this. And after 1 year of intensified "labors", difficulties began ... then there was appendicitis with peretonitis - as a consequence of the adhesive process! And then 3 long unsuccessful IVF protocols (2 IVF biochemical pregnancy). She Understands - doctors are excellent, but not clinic. She changed the clinic on the ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** web addresses not allowed*** Please read our Terms of Use. Additional examination - the result - thrombophilia and slightly increased homocysteine. She was treated - all indicators are normal. Before the protocol for 6 months. Cleaned the pipes. 4 IVF in April - short protocol transfer of 4 morul (4 days) laser hatching, mononuclears - all that is possible. 8 embryos! 1 and 2 class! The only thing that embarrassed her, and she embarrassed the doctors - is the bad growth of the endometrium. The transfer was excellent, she was patient! She lay for 4 days - waiting! Girls, please, who had a successful cryoprotocol tell "how it was," what kind of preparation, what medicines?