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I hope some1 out there can give me some advice.
Recently I went for IVF treatment and the transfer of the embroy was done on the 13th sept.I have to go back on 25th to test if I am pregnant.
But meantime,Doc has given me Utrogestan to insert vaginally 4 capsule twice daily and Duphaston to take orally, 1 tablet twice daily.
I feel fine with light cramps on the 1st -2nd day.
But on 20th evening,I had very bad cramp and I was so afraid I would start bleeding or something.... :'( I was in pain and I am having this very lower back pain... :'( And When I go to the loo and do my business,I had some bleeding.
And I don't feel like eating at times...just sleep...
Can any1 tell me if this is normal fo women going thru IVF %-)



I have also felt tired and light cramping but not sure if it is from the Utrogestan (200 x3 a day) or if something is actually happening from the IVF.
If you feel like you should be taking a bit less to at least get through the day, then be your own Dr. (or call your real one!) the 25th is soon. All the best.



I am a 31yr. old who just underwent 3 day transfer of 2 grade 1 eight cell embies on Nov. 1 in Brno, Cz. I have my beta scheduled for Nov. 16. I am having some bloating and cramping. I really want to do a hpt, but I don't know if it is too soon. I don't know if the symptoms I'm having are because of the prometrium vag. and estradiol by mouth. If anyone can offer advice, I'd appreciate it.