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Well, it is really nice to know that i am not the only one who thinks its crazy, this 2 weaks wait is just so stressful. today i am on day 5 after the 4 firtilized eggs were returned to my uterus and i dont feel anything, my brests were tender when i started the midication but it stopped 3 days ago.
This is my second trial for IVF last time i got a possitive blood test but on weak later to my shok i have got my period, i hope it wont happen again this time, it was really a stressfull experience, I dont think i can go through it again


Hi honey! Going through IVF is one of the most stressful things for a woman and her partner! There are the hormone shots that can make you feel like you are going insane! There are all the tests and the roller coaster of trying to conceive and waiting and hoping your period doesn't come! Stress - as you are aware - is a HUGE factor on a womans health, and it is hard to relax at such a crucial time! I know when people tell you to relax, it sounds silly for you! BUT that said, it puts SO much pressure on you that every little thing can get to you in a big way! IF there is anyway of trying to get your mind off of this, this will help you in so many ways! Try to relax and take it as easy as possible - especially right now right?!!!! 8-| The best time of year to take it easy heh?!!! XD But if there is anyway of you taking time for yourself, just to read a book or go for a walk or go out for coffee with your friends and NOT talk about what you are going through! Because I KNOW that this has taken over your life and I'm sure sometimes you feel fed up of talking about it and it taking over your life! Have you been told to take prenatal vitamins? And also have you been told to take it easy till the test?

All I can say to you honey, is that I wish you the BEST news in 2010 and the arrival of chubby faced cherub(s)! Please let me know how you make out OK? God bless and MERRY Christmas!