I am a woman, 2 mos. post-op for surgery to remove a recurrent (2 yrs) spinal cord tumor. All went well except that the partial saddle anesthesia I had following the first surgery is now more extensive and seems to have affected my bladder. No bladder issues before this most recent proceedure. Now I have constant urgency, must strain hard to void, never completely empty my bladder and have what I believe to be overflow incontinence. No infection symptoms yet but...my urine has a sweetish odor. No other signs of diabetes. I was on 90 mg/day methadone for the pain before the surgery. I have sucessfully weaned off completely, the final 5mg dose being about a week ago. Most of the w/d symptoms are waning . Could the odor be the drug leaving my body or is there likely some other issue? Is it an emergency? Though my surgeon has referred to a urology person I may need to wait a bit for an appointment.
Any comments will be appreciated...thanks.