Ok, here goes.

I normally take brith control, have been since November, but when June came i forgot to pick up my prescription the entire month, and I had sex and the condom broke. Before June, my period lasted nearly two weeks, and ended on the 1st. I had sex on the 25th. I took the Plan B pill I think about 80 hours later, because Planned Parenthood was closed the next two days, and then pill is most effective in the following 72 hours, but even still affective for five days after the "situation". Usually before my period begins I have some sort of symptons like cramping or nauseouness, and I haven't had those, and I'm supposed to start today. I'm just worried that I could possibly be pregnant, and by reading other posts, I can see that I just need to take that first response HPT. Any help would be greatly appreciated.