I found out I was pregnant on May 31st. On June 3rd, I began to miscarry until the 8th. Now my cycle has always been irregular. And with the miscarriage last month, I had no idea when I was going to ovulate or if I already had. The week of June 25th, I noticed I had clear cervical mucus, sore breasts, and an increased libido so I assumed I was ovulating or was just about to. Then, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex again on the first two days of July. I read somewhere that women usually ovulate 2-4 weeks after a miscarriage. It would have been exactly four weeks from when I started miscarrying to the first day we had unprotected sex again. Though, when we had sex the beginning of this month, I was under the assumption that I already ovulated and we were in the clear. However, I started to think I may have ovulated on July 1st when we had unprotected sex the first time. And June 25th/26th was my fertile window period. I took a Take Action morning after pill just to be safe. So that would have been almost 24 hours exactly after the first unprotected sex, and about an hour after the second time. I took the pill a little over a week ago, but two days ago (July 8th) I had bright light pink spotting just ONCE on Sunday and never again since. I read that bleeding and spotting does happen with the pill but I immediately thought it was implantation bleeding because it was one time and it appeared a little watery compared to period blood. Could it have been IB? My breasts and nipples are still tender since ovulation and I have sharp headaches like I had with the previous pregnancy symptoms. I still have not had a period in 14 weeks so it may just be a result of the pill messing with my hormones and I need to wait a couple more days or even weeks to see the outcome of this. I am wondering if it sounds like I could be pregnant again or if it is just all in my head? Lol. Or if anyone has a story like this if you have any advice to give me? Anything helps.