I had sex on the 10th of July with a soldier who just got deployed back to Iraq. It was my first time having sex in 3 years. I am 18 by the way. We used a condom but I am not on birth control. He said he came before he had got the condom on due to the excitement of not being with anyone in monthes. My fear is since he touched his penis then fingered me if cum could've been on it and gotten in there. My period was at least 8 days late and it was very short and light. I usually have a period that is 4 or 5 days, this one was only about 3 and a half days. Then a couple of days after I had brownish stuff come out of there which wasn't blood. Am I just being paranoid or have you heard of even stranger pregnancy stories? Any advice, info, comments would be appreciated. I hope I am not going crazy.