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I had sex in March and he never came, but i gave him a blow job and then used my spit as lube. Also, he touched his thing, and might have got some precum on it.. then he fingered me afterwards. And we had "dry sex" we both had our underwear on and he rubbed his thing against mine. What are the chances of getting pregnant from this? He never came either.. We also used a condom. 

Also, I got my first period a couple of days late, but a negative pregnancy test. Then I took another one 1-3 weeks later and it was negative again. Then I got my second period 2 days late. I don't think I have any symptoms of pregnancy, but i've been reading these stories about these women whom had their period while being pregnant and they didn't know they were until like 5-6 months in. 

What is the possibility of being pregnant after 2 periods and 2 negative pregnancy tests?

i know i sound ridiculous.. but there are so many weird stories;


Hi Guest,

Please don't believe everything you see on TV, when that happens it is so rare that doctors can't believe it themselves. 

The general rule of thumb for females is: IF you have sex and don't get your period then further testing is required, IF you have sex and get your period you are not pregnant. 

You had 2 periods, pretty well on time whether they were a couple of days late or not.  When you get your period that means that a egg was released and it was not fertilized.  You said it yourself, he did not come - how do you expect to get pregnant if there is no come?  Precum has a little amount of sperm and the actual ejaculation has the majority of the sperm.

Hope this answers your question



I'm the same person that posted the question..and I just have a quick question. : My stomach when I like jab/poke it? As hard as I can from my lower abdomen to my rib cage to the point where I can't go any further it used to be squishy, but now it's not as squishy anymore. What could this be? T.T.. Like its a bit hard? If I poke it far enough. It's only been like this for the past couple of days.. and I have been sort of constipated for some reason.. Could that be why? Or could there be another reason?