Okay, first of all, I realize how paranoid I got. I've come back from the world of not thinking and now I need help.
I'm 38 years old and I have only had vaginal sex once. Because of things from my past, and also the fact that even at my age, I never had the right information so I was always scared that I'd end up getting pregnant. I had sex in February and was so afraid of getting pregnant (even though I was on BC pills), I stopped having vaginal sex. My boyfriend and I were trying anal sex. I know that there is minimal risk of pregnancy. I got off the BC pills in March because they were doing a number on my hormones. Since then, my cycle has been 23 days (normally, it's 28-29 days). Usually I have a four day period, but this past June (2-9), it was an 8 day period. We had unprotected anal sex (a condom is now used) a couple of times. The first time, I was scared and took EC the next morning. A few days later, we were about to have anal sex, but he entered my vaginal area (June 10th) and I stopped. I got worried and again, took EC within hours. So, I bought and took 2 ECs (four pills) within a week..five days. Before you can type it...I know...stupid. Anyway, I haven't had a period at all. I have been having occasional cramps, and discharge (most of the time it's been clear..a couple of times, it was brownish). It's now, July 14th and I still haven't had a period and now, my nipples are really sore. I had a doctor's appt. on the 30th of June and she ran a pregnancy test. It came back negative. This morning, I took an HPT, and that came up negative too. What's going on????? Please be kind. I know I made mistakes.
I know it sounds bad. I'm 38 after all.