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I have never had sex but my inner labia minora has been itchy for a few months and I have recently noticed that my inner lips might be a bit red. I have no idea what it could be because it doesn't exactly correspond to yeast infection symptoms. And it can't be an STI could it? Even if I have never had sex. I don't get what it is and it really bothers me. The itching is not unbearable or anything but it is not very pleasant. I also have a boyfriend now and have been starting to think about having sex in the near future. I don't want to do anything if there is something wrong down there. I know I should go see a doctor but i hardly ever have time. Would anyone be able to tell me what it might be?


It could be any number of things, yeast infection was the first thing to come to mind. A yeast infection for everyone is different. Are you getting any discharge at all?

Here's the deal with the STD's any kind of touching in any way oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, and rubbing genital areas together while naked can cause the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

Best idea make time to go to the doctor with your boyfriend and both of you need get tested for STD's remember that herpes is not tested for regularly and you will have to request a typed blood tested so you know if you have HSV-1 or HSV-2 which can both be transfered genitally.

Even if you are a virgin its good to know your status especially if you have had oral sex or have been fingered or dry humped etc.