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A number of issues can cause a swelling or a lump in the throat along with a feeling of tightness. In fact, it is the presence of a large number of anatomic structures in the area that makes such symptoms difficult to diagnose and eventually come to an acceptable treatment plan.

Here are some of the things that your doctor will look for:

1. Stress, Anxiety And Panic disorder

A choking sensation is quite commonly experienced by people who are suffering from anxiety or a panic attack. There is dryness of the mouth and swallowing seems extremely difficult during such situations.

2. Allergic reaction

An allergic reaction in the throat can be potentially life threatening. Anything from a food article to a drug or even an oral hygiene product can cause this reaction. An allergy can be severe and sudden on onset like an anaphylactic reaction which will be easily identified or be less apparent in its clinical presentation.

It is important to isolate any recent changes in diet or drugs taken so that the source of this reaction can be identified.

Your doctor would also probably like to run a few blood tests to help identify the kind of allergen that may cause this reaction.

A swelling in the throat due to an allergic reaction will usually be sudden to appear and then disappear after some time as the exposure to the allergen is reduced.

3. Lipoma

A lipoma is a benign growth seen in various parts of the body due to a collection of fat cells under the skin. Sometimes these lipomas can grow to a size that may require them to be removed surgically, however in most cases they are left as they are.

If a lipoma is formed in the area of the throat, then it may cause a choking sensation and a tightness in the throat. There is no documented reason for why these lipomas form or where they form in the body.

4. Thyroid growth

The thyroid gland lies in close relation to the esophagus and is one of the most important glands in the body. It is also frequently associated with aberrant growths. These growth may be non-cancerous in the form of a nodule or could be neoplastic in nature as well.

If the growth is cancerous, however other symptoms associated with an abnormal hormone release will be seen which will be easily identifiable to an experienced doctor. An increase in the size of the gland itself can be seen in the case of hyperthyroidism. Here again clinical symptoms like fluctuation in weight, increased thirst and brittle bones will be seen.

5. Throat cancer

One of the more sinister causes for a feeling of tightness in the throat is throat cancer. This will be associated with a lump or swelling that seems to be growing in size. Any cancer in this area is treated very aggressively as it is in close relation to a number of lymph nodes and major circulatory structures that can cause metastasis to occur rapidly.

If a noticeable increase in the size of a growth in the throat is felt then an immediate visit to the doctor for complete examination is advisable.

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