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I'm only 14
I don't want to make a big fuss
I have a squidgy lump on my labia minnora
Its not hard or painful
It's not doing any harm
I'v never had sexual intercourse
I don't want to ask my mother
I don't want to go to the doctor about something trivial
Their not part of my labia minora I don't think
Its more like my labia minora and then a thin area of skin connecting it to a squigy piece of skin

Kind of like this (side view > that way would be my anus)
/ \

I've looked at diagrams of labia minoras and they look like this

/ \

The squigy lumps are represented by the star

Its probaly nothing
But I can't help worrying
Please set my mind at rest!!!


Are the bumps small and whitish? Just a few cm big? If so, they are probably fordyce spots. Nothing to worry about, they're totally normal. You can find pictures on wiki. Actually found this on another forum a little while ago, I have them myself and was wondering.