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A little over a month ago I noticed a lump in my right labia majora, somewhat near where my thigh meets the lips. It itches on the surface sometimes and if you pinch the skin you can feel a pea sized lump a little deep in. Not too deep but also not directly under the skin. I thought it was an ingrown hair but no white head has appeared for me to try and pop it. It has not grown, it only hurts if I mess with it often, and the little pimple like bump (with no head) on the surface sometimes feels bigger and itchier. It feels kinda hard but it is moveable. Idk if it is an ingrown hair anymore, anyone have info on what it may be? I already made an appointment but it is not until next week. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Go get the lump checked out immediately. Being itchy and a hard lump without draining is something that sufferers of vulva cancer have reported. Most lumps are not cancerous but it is vital you get it checked straight away. Vulva cancer is not common but if diagnosed and treated early, you have a far better chance than leaving it until later.