I don't know what to do.  Three days ago I go very sick with a throat infection. I woke up from a fever and went to the bathroom and found a pea sized bump on my labia minora. Of course I squeezed it, trying to see if it was just a pimple/cyst but nothing came out. Now I have a scab/ulcer there and it is not very comfortable.  From the moment I saw it I have been freaking out that I have an STI. None of the pictures I have been researching have looked like my scab/ulcer. It's not like the herpes pictures or the HPV warts there is only one pea sized ulcer/scab but I am still very worried. I'm not famililar with how to get tested for STIs in the country I am in. Is there any possible way that stress/sickness/fever could cause something like this or is it most likely an STI? I have only ever had protected sex and people who swore that they were clean but I know people lie so I am freaking out.