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Hi, I'm 18 years old, and i have been pregnant before, in the last few weeks i have had every pregnancy symptoms, headaches, fuller boobs, hard stomach, mood swings, nausea, sore lower back, food cravings and being lazy! I have taken 3 pregnancy tests two at home and one at the doctors they all came back negative, now in december i had my period, but it was brown and had blood clots, and its the same again this month, but with some blood, they havent been normal periods, now two and a half months ago, i had really bad stomach cramps lasted about a week and i was really bloated, im worried incase my pregnancy started then as i have been looking after myself. And i have also read that you can imagine a pregnancy, i want to be pregnant so im kind of worried about not being.....

What do you all think?

I recieve my blood tests in a few days, oh and now i have developed a gum infection :s



Hi honey! Since you have had 2 periods - granted stranger than usual - you ARENT pregnant! There is something called "Hysterical Pregnancy" Your brain REALLY thinks that you are pregnant or HOPES so all of a sudden your body starts acting like it - even gaining inches on your waist! When you say that you have been pregnant before, how long ago?