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I'm 28 years old. My last two periods have been a 1 days shorter and somewhat lighter than normal. I'll have three days of light to moderate bleeding and then one day of a little bit of old blood (brown).

My last period was 7 weeks after the previous one.

I've had a few odd symptoms:
- Occasional stomach cramping that doesn't last very long
- A tingling/numbness in my breasts (not the entire breast though)
- Occasional constipation
- Gas/Bloating
- Occasional indigestion

One week before my AF came last time, I had a negative pregnancy test. Even the negative was really faint…haha.

Now…my mind is either completely focused on possibly being pregnant, or I'm going out of my mind. Lately, pregnancy is all around me. Family members are getting pregnant or having babies; my stepsons are telling their dad that they want a baby sister. Pregnancy is just everywhere!

To add another layer of weirdness, I had a dream last night that I had a positive pregnancy test.

Am I losing my mind???


no your not losing your mind:) lots of women go through weird things like this! *do you think that since all the other "pregnancies" coming up in your life are making you sort of...exaggerate the way your feeling? because ill do that alot, i will have symptoms and worry about it so much that i will make myself believe i might be pregnant! lol No laughing matter, but women do it sometimes! have you been to the doctor? sometimes home pregnancy tests arent worth a c**p! they dont always read right, so you might want to schedule an appointment and go have a blood pregnancy test to see!


I will admit…that's entirely possible. I come from a very fertile family. Me and my 4 siblings were all "birth control babies," so I guess that concerns me. I want to have a baby sometime, but not right now. I've only been married about 4 months now!

The body is such a weird thing! I'm due for my period in the next couple weeks, so we'll see what happens. I'll just try to forget about that stuff.