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Hi there,

For this past four to five weeks I have a constant migraine with nausea. It is not the disabling migraine pain but it is sharp enough. Nothing I can do is relieving it and at this stage my stomach is to sick to take any more medication.
I have used the site and bought the recommended medication from there but it has not helped either.

Any advice greatfully accepted.


Call your dr or go to the ER (i'd recommend the DR since ER's suck). Prednisone was the only way for me to get rid of those long term migraines (it's a steriod). Don't take any painkillers, but if you're not on Imitrex or some sort of Triptran, try it. If your stomach can't tolerate it, ask the dr to give you an injection. If you can get the injection, it will basically clear it up in 5 minutes.