So I'm a 23 year old female and am unable to keep food or water down for the past 10 days, here's the background:

about a year ago I had a DNC and they immediately put a paragaurd (iud) in after the procedure, I didn't stop bleeding (vaginal) for almost the entire year and I was in the er every 20-30 days and they would give me pain meds and send me home. I then had the paragaurd taken out and they found several infections in my uterus, they gave me antibiotics and then a week later put a mirena (different iud with low hormone levels) after this I began having fainting spells and dizziness. I then went to an obgyn as I had just gotten insurance (everything above was done through planned parenthood) and she took out the iud and I started having chronic debilitating migraines, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. They later admitted me to the hospital and did ct scans of my head and stomach and gave me depakote which helped with the migraines and discharged me. I still couldn't keep any food or liquid down though and ended up back in the hospital during my stay they did an endescopy, keb, an enema and lower gi, and blood work. the only abnormality they found was a hiatal hernia which they said was no big deal and are telling me its a psychological issue, but I know it's not, the hospital psychiatrist says I am normal! I need help and don't know what to do and my dr. has discharged me and sent me home where everytime I try to eat or drink I vomit and I am in constant abdominal pain! I need help!!