hello I'm a 23 years old girl and I'm suffering  from constipation since 3 months that can only respond to oral laxatives I did a CBC and stool analysis and nothing suspicious except positive h.pylori and I'm currently on meds for it.l also lost the urge to urinate and I pee only when I think much time has passed and I should pee when I I'm trying to defecate I feel like there is huge resistance against my pressure esp around the end of Gi tract I feel like there is something anatomical blocking the way or neurological maybe. I went to a doctor I she told me it could be functional constipation ans prescribed me some drugs for motility and antiseptic and told me it may take months to show a response but I'm not convinced and there is no improvement till now.what's mostly your diagnosis ?and should I do barrium enema but I don't want to do it can I do ct scan instead ?