Hello Sir, I am 21 year-old. I have been experiencing this for few weeks. Last June 16, I am sneezing and having runny nose. Then my lymph nodes started to swell. I started consulting physicians and one prescribed me to take Anti-TB drug (which up until now prescribed me to take it for 6 mos) I am curious because I have not or does not experience any signs of TB (no night sweats, no serious coughs, no loss of appetite). Then here's my problem. I have been experiencing back pains, I don't know if its back or on my lungs. Sometimes when I'm exhaling, I would notice some popping out sound (like a bubble has popped up) but it is not regular. When night comes, I am experiencing runny nose and sneezing. And now it contributed to cough (which is worse at night) and is not present at day. What diagnosis would this be? I am afraid because of my back pains and cough. I have history of scoliosis and I work at an office (8 hours sitting).