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            I am a 34 year old guy who has had a cough since March 12. It started off as a pretty bad/intense cough for 3-4 days and then subsided but has not gone away ever since. I went to the doctors and he prescribed nasonex as he seemed to think i had postnasal drip. I used it for about a month and that did not work. I went back to the doctor and i was told its allergic - take anti histamines. That seemed to reduce my cough but it did not clear it. My cough was always more intense in the morning with yellow phlegm and then dry and tickly during the day and in the evening. It was July before I did anything else and I thought if it allergies and I was going away on holiday for 3 weeks it would cure it. The fact was that anywhere I went that had air conditioning made me cough more - so I knew it was not allergic. I went back to the doctor and he sent me for an x-ray. the results cam back as normal. He prescribed nasonex for a month and still no impact, although i no longer have yellow phlegm - just white. he has now given me nasonex and omeprazol as he now thinks its acid reflux - i used to have terrible acidity a few years ago as I was overweight, ate unhealthily and late at night - that has changed in the last two years and its cleared.  I ve been taking it for a week but there is no improvement. My chest is feels sore and sensitive which is probably from the coughing but its not a great feeling. I also cough up blood if I play football outdoors because of the cold air I am taking in. I find that using the tube in london or being in a crowded place also makes it worse. I am sick of coughing and very tired of it. I am also using natural stuff like olive leaf extract and doing tea tree gargles as alternative remedies - but nothing works. I bought a humidifier to help the atmosphere at home and that has had no impact. I go to my gyms steam room once a week and although it does not make me cough it has not had any impact. I have no other symptoms - no lethargy, no loss of appetite - nothing! I am 6ft 1' and weigh 13st3pds


I just want to know what this is...its frustrating not knowing what this cough is - why i have it and why i cant get rid of it!


I have a little bit similar problem, it might be TB and a rare chances of throat cancer. Some other disease can also be there, get a thorogh check up like xray and some ***scopies for trachea are also there. Then the doctor can be confident, from your sayings it seems to me that you should change your dr.