Not sure what to do - I've had lumps in my neck (under my skin) and very very itchy spots on the back of my head and on my jaw line / side of face near ear only on left side since Feb. Dr prescribed antibiotics - it got worse and lumps still there and started with hay fever type symptoms too that woke me up at night and early morning (sneezing and very very runny nose). Dr then prescribed anti allergy tablets and steroid cream. No change - got stronger steroid cream. Fast forward to June, the itchy spots then appeared on my legs, and when I say itchy I mean itchy beyond belief! Dr changed allergy tablets and stuck with steroid cream - no change so got referral to dermatologist, I went private because of 8 month waiting list. Consultant thinks it's nodular prurigo, my worry is its Hodgkin's disease. I'm tired all the time, I've now got a numb tingly leg (Dr said give it a week and see how it goes) and I've still got these awful itchy wounds on my head and legs. I've had normal bloods done - everything is normal. I've got some new prescriptions to try but how long is too long to leave it going on and not getting better? The spots on my legs have not healed and are the same ones that came in June with a couple of additional ones. Would early Hodgkin's show in normal bloods or is there something specific that should be checked?