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hi, i am 37 years. i have coughed for  about one and half years, non productive, no congestion at all, nothing to spit out, no runny nose but dry cough that is worse at night. i went to the hospital, it was not pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis and a few other tests. i was discharged with antibiotics which didnt help. was tried on alergy stuffs which didnt help. the only thing that helped for a few days was cdeine with phernagan. along the line, i started running temperature sometime daily, it stop. now, i have terrible back pain, i dont know why. i cough with strength which comes along with drops of number one. what is going on please?



Phernagan with codeine is generally prescribed for common cold symptoms and coughs.  However, your cough is dry.  What you need for a dry cough is a cough suppressant as opposed to an expectorant which makes a liquid type cough productive (removes mucus from the lungs).  Your back ache could be due to anything unrelated to your dry cough however it just may be due to your dry cough.  You may have bruised an intracostal muscle in your rib cage.  That can be very painful and can take a long time to heal.  So, I suggest you get a cough suppressant perhaps like Robitussin.  For your back pain you may want to try alternating cold and hot compresses to relieve your pain.  You can also take an anti-inflammatory like motrin or bayer body and ache aspirin to ease your back ache and inhibit any inflammation that is there.

If you have some honey in the house, you can use that now on your dry cough.  Take a teaspoon or tablespoon full and swallow.  This coats the throat nicely and tastes great and will stop you from coughing.